a teenage girl eats popcorn at an AMC theater while slowly transforming into an animated version of herself

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AMC + Coca-Cola: Flavor make it


The Flavor Maker Menu on a Coca-Cola freestyle machine at AMC Theatres

Video — AMC + Coke- Flavor Make It

AMC + Coke- Flavor Make It


AMC and Coca-Cola tasked BarkleyOKRP with transforming a simple teen coupon into a full-blown branded experience. The mission? Make the AMC, Coca-Cola, and popcorn combo a teenage ritual, sparking lifelong brand loyalty. Not easy, considering today’s crowded snack and beverage scene.


Recognizing that Gen Z sees the theater as a prime spot for shared experiences, the “Flavor Make It” campaign lures teens to the movies with an exclusive deal: a small AMC popcorn and Coca-Cola Freestyle® drink for just $5. This combo unlocks three new custom soda flavors on the Coca-Cola Freestyle® machine, inspired by Gen Z tastes. A dedicated landing page encourages sharing custom flavors and snack hacks using #FlavorMaker and features Apple and Google Wallet buttons to save the deal for easy access at the theater.

Solution: Cinematic teen delight

BarkleyOKRP, AMC, and Coca-Cola dove deep into the cinema scene, soaking up Gen Z vibes firsthand. This quest led to a flavor-packed campaign featuring the “Flavor Make It” anthem — an ode to the tantalizing combo of AMC popcorn and Coca-Cola Freestyle®. Picture teens on a cinematic adventure, diving into a vibrant world of flavor-inspired animation. With partners Laundry and Squeak E-clean, BarkleyOKRP whipped up a Gen Z masterpiece sprinkled with nods to AMC’s iconic Nicole Kidman spot.

AMC Theaters and Coca-Cola $5 Flavor Maker Combo
AMC Theatres and Coca-Cola offer the $5 Flavor Maker Combo through the AMC mobile app
a still from the AMC + Coke: Flavor make it ad featuring a man and woman riding a bird in exaggerated street-style animation
a still from the AMC + Coke: Flavor make it ad featuring a mixing live-action footage of teenagers in theaters and exaggerated street-style animation

“For Gen Z, the theatre and the concessions are not about an escape, it’s total immersion and enjoyment with friends. We wanted the campaign to reflect that shared, immersive experience.”

—Pamela Sandler, AMC Vice President of Brand Marketing

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