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a man bites into a Burger King Whopper

Burger King
“You rule” campaign.

We remixed the he classic ‘Have It Your Way’ jingle from the 1970s. You may not control the world, but at BK you can always have any Whopper your way.

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Megan Thee Stallion is Mother Fitness

Planet Fitness
Mother Fitness with Megan Thee Stallion.

To prove the Judgement Free Zone removes barriers to fitness for ALL, we recruited Megan Thee Stallion, the world’s most empowering, outspoken fitness queen.

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youthful partygoers drinking Corona Premier

Corona Premier
Welcome to the premier side of light.

“Welcome to the Premier Side of Light” is infused with the Corona brand’s DNA paired with betterment to show that being active doesn’t have to be rigid.

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a teenage girl eats popcorn at an AMC theater while slowly transforming into an animated version of herself

AMC Theatres
AMC + Coca-Cola: Flavor make it.

Gen-Z does movies — and concessions — differently. We turned the AMC Theatres + Coca-Cola combo into a cultural icon of teen sharing.

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Luis Guzman looks confusedly at his phone while the production of a science-fiction movie comes to a halt around him

Metro by T-Mobile
“Nada Yada Yada” integrated campaign.

Metro by T-Mobile sought to reclaim its leadership position as a no-BS brand. Our ‘Nada Yada Yada’ campaign led to six consecutive months of sign-up growth.

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a woman seated by a window reads the AI-generated novel "A Summer Fling to the X-Treme"

Smoothie King
An AI-generated romance novel.

The first full length novel written by a brand using ChatGPT tells the story of a love triangle between a man, a woman, and an X-Treme Watermelon Smoothie.

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